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Daphne III – Sunia Geel

Prevent and combat violence against children, young people and women and to protect victims and groups at risk

Out of thousands of applications made to the EU Commission’s Justice section, Exchange House National Travellers Service was selected as the only Irish organisation to lead a project under the Daphne III Programme.

The project is entitled Sunia Geel. Sunia Geel derives from the Irish Traveller language, Cant. It translates „take care of yourself”, and is viewed as an apt name for what the project aims to achieve – families being valued and supported.

The goal of the “Sunia Geel Domestic Violence Project” is to prevent and reduce the extent and impact of domestic violence within marginalized communities by generating education, community awareness and providing support to Women, Children and Young People. This will promote positive attitudes, and behavioural changes within disadvantaged Communities. It will also expand knowledge of effective domestic violence interventions with these minority groups amongst service providers. This knowledge will be disseminated to other service providers through training and resource materials provided by The Sunia Geel Domestic Violence Project. The partners of Sunia Geel have identified specific target groups. These include; Irish Travellers, Sinti and Roma families, and Muslim migrants inEurope. The objectives of the project are:

  1. To increase the knowledge base and skills of service providers in addressing the needs of marginalized, minority groups experiencing domestic violence. This objective acknowledges that Domestic Violence has not been effectively addressed by service providers in the past.
  2. To generate domestic violence community awareness and address domestic violence from within these communities.
  3. To support the victims of domestic violence from disadvantaged and marginalized communities through the use of therapeutic interventions. The project aims to empower women, children and young people to make informed decisions.
  4. To develop knowledge and a set of generalizable insights for use in addressing domestic violence within marginalized communities. The strategic approach developed will be of assistance in other cultural contexts.


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