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  • We are in the middle of an online training seminar within the WISE Project, between January 18-22, 2021. In the intellectual output IO2, the consortium developed training materials for women social entrepreneurship. We went through two days of training and we have three more days. Here are some pictures that show the diversity of non formal and formal training methods and the diversity of themes.
    We will keep you updated in the coming days.
  • WISE’s third Transnational Project Meeting

Today, 25th November , was the last day of WISE’s third Transnational Project Meeting, which had to be carried out online due to the actual situation of CoVid-19. All of our partners shared their progress and their opinions regarding the project’s development. These two days have been a fruitful gathering, and it was really nice to see all partners again, although we would have enjoyed seeing each other face to face! For now, we will keep on working online to take this project to a success place.
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  • WISE Project – IO2 European Training Module

During October and November 2020, partners worked on the IO2 European Training Module: What are social enterprises and why do they enable women to develop their own labour market opportunities.
The Adult Educators will be offering as training support Learning / teaching / training material – Manual /handbook / guidance material that will enable women from marginalised groups to better understand the journey that women who lead current social enterprises take, what motivates them and what support they need throughout their journey in starting and running their own social enterprises/businesses.
Learners will gain an understanding of the key stages of development of Social Enterprises, including choosing the right legal structure, setting social objectives, business planning, developing sustainable funding streams.
The training module consists of a variety of materials of information, games and exercises to develop employment related skills, to facilitate the access to labour market opportunities and to overcome barriers to inclusion, or develop enterprise opportunities.
We invite you to consult the materials on the ANUP International website starting with February, when we will organize a training session for adult educators.

  • WISE Project Focus group Târgoviște

At with women and adult trainers about the WISE project or how to open a social enterprise. Mrs. Cristina Dragna and Mr. Andrei Piciorus were the mentors of the meeting. The whole group of trainers received congratulations for their enthusiasm and information from the target group. We had a lot of fun together!


  • Online focus group of the DInSAd project : discussion and validation of the Digital competencies needed for low qualified adults-27.05.2020


  • WISE Project – Women Inclusion through Social Enterprise –
  • WISE Project – Cine câștigă în Antreprenoriatul Social, interviu cu Alice Stavride (Introducere – prima parte)

  • WISE Project – Cine câștigă în Antreprenoriatul Social, interviu cu Alice Stavride  (Dezvoltarea afacerii – a doua parte)

  • WISE Project – Branding și antreprenoriat social, interviu cu Alina Marica

  • WISE Project – Antreprenoriatul social, soluție sustenabilă, interviu cu Mihaela Modrogan

  • Multilingualism and Gamification





  • Sunia Geel2 Romania – Cooperation with the DGASPC Ialomita

  • The elephant , the rider and the path , a tale of behaviour change:A commonly held belief is that human behavior is the result of rational decision making based on available information. A closer look into the science of behavior reveals the powerful role our emotions play in our decision making process. In this animated video we look at the behavior change process using Jonathan Haidt’s analogy of an elephant, a rider, and a path.


  • 2018: EMPROVE on National TV in Romania – Manuela Iordache spoke about the EMPROVE project, about the empowerment journey and the transformation form victim to a survivor.

  • Proiect ILPO55 – Participanți la Pilotare și Seminarii, București 2015 – 2016:

  • ANUP-International, Project GOLIA,  with the dear friends from Sardinian ISFOR API  and Eduser Ankara, May 2014:


  • ANUP-International, Project BID – German Language for health care, Plovdiv 2014:


  • ANUP-International, Project SUNIA GEEL 2 – Art  therapy with the children from the Placement Centres in Slobozia, February 2012:


  • ANUP – Sevastița Dumitrescu, la  gherghef, în cadrul Festivalului Șanselor Tale 2000-2005:


  • ANUP – Afişe de la primul Festival al Şanselor Tale – Săptămâna educaţieie permanente (2000) şi din anul 2005:

afis-festival-1  afis-festival-2

  • Afişul celei de a V-ea Conferinţe Internaţionale de educaţie adulţilor, 1997,  unde s-a lansat programul Săptămâna educaţiei permanente, la care Romania a aderat prin ANUP:


  • Apariții în cărți și publicații:

dictionar-enciclopedic-de-educatie-a-adultilor portret-de-educatie-permanenta-romanialegea-educatiei-permanente formarea-continua