Kids2Write –
Kids2Write – Set of materials to support and empower writing to bilingual children and young people in Europe

Kids2Write developing and testing tools for promoting motivation and speech writing skills to bilingual children and young people in Europe. Different modules and tools will use methods that children and young people know by means of games and non-formal learning. Kids2Write intends to provide various forms of speech and writing, focusing on the challenges facing bilingual children and young people .
Different products will focus on individual levels of children and youth. Some products will focus on the transition from the skills of reading and writing. These products will address primary school pupils and young people who need to acquire skills in second language writing in a later stage of life. Other products focus on writing skills in primary and secondary forms of expression in media, creative writing, forms and scripts by hand in contrast to writing the computer. Special attention will be given to those who use two or more languages with different scripts.
Kids2Write is not a language course and does not refer to elements of literacy or other learning difficulties. The project intends to motivate children and young people inEurope to express themselves in writing using a variety of games, and through their special motivation. The project is based on traditional games that help develop writing competence and expression in different languages. Kids2Write include innovative use of technology such as mobile applications and i-Pad support for written expression.