The transfer of knowledge from the older generation (55 years and over) to the younger generation working within the financial services industry is the subject of an EU project entitled “Intergenerational Learning Partnership over 55” or ILPO55 in short. Read more..

In October 2014, partners of the ILPO55 Erasmus+ project , attended the project kick off meeting in Malta .This new project will be developed to address the various European challenges and strategies and to provide tangible tools and approaches in implementing the management for the over 55 employability of individuals , with specific reference to the Financial Services industry.

The project’s objective is to support the imparting of skills in the ‘over 55’ employment sector, and to engage employees to transferring work-based competencies and experiences to the younger generation. The benefits would motivate this sector to become more active and efficient, to support the reduction of skills mismatch and to enhance entrepreneurial behaviour thereby resulting in better exploitation of the over 55 competencies and work experience.

The partners participating in the project are

  • Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, an educational institute
  • Effebi Association, an HR association based in Italy
  • Institute of Banking Education NBS, based in Slovakia
  • Institute of Financial Services (IFS), a tertiary level educational institute based in Malta
  • Malta Union of Bank Employees , a trade union
  • Mediterranean Bank Network (MBN), a banking association
  • Uninettuno, a consortium of 43 Italian and foreign universities
  • NIBE-SVV, an educational institute for the Dutch banking, insurance and investment sector
  • Scienter Espana, a research, consulting and services organisation, active in the field of education and training
  • ANUP-International based in Romania specialised in adult education.

More information and updates about the ILPO55 project will be posted on the project partner websites.

The project website: